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Juan Nicasio

Season 2 Episode 6: Juan Nicasio Mr. Acq! Juan Nicasio, aka Mr. ACQ, is a seasoned sales professional with over 17 years of experience across various industries. Blessed with a deep connection to God, he cherishes a wonderful life alongside..Continue


Rich Wonders

Season 2 Episode 5: Rich Wonders The Novation King Rich Wonders, aka the “Novation King” is a nationwide wholesaler who is a leading industry expert on sales, negotiation, and novations. His unique process and exit strategy allow for wholesale deals..Continue


Jonas Medrano

Season 2 Episode 4: Jonas Medrano 7 Figure a Year Real Estate Investor Jonas Medrano, Entrepreneur who successfully built a 7 figure a year Real Estate Investing business. Jonas shares on his YouTube channel, all the ways to invest in..Continue


Ben Toaff Americas Top Wholesaler

Season 2 Episode 3: Ben Toaff America’s Top Wholesaler America’s Top Wholesaler Ben Toaff, Experienced National Real Estate Investor since 2016. He and his team have closed over 500 transactions for well over 6 Million in Assignment Fees. Ben has..Continue


Blue Notes Brandon Narain

Season 2 Episode 2: Brandon Narain Blue Notes Blue Notes Blue Notes Brandon shares it all on the Leads2Deals podcast! Join Scott and Brandon as they share insights on how Real estate is not just about properties; it’s about possibilities…Continue

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