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Episode 2 – Anthony Quezada: Real Estate Mentor and Coach!

I’ve got Anthony Quezada on the show today! A Real Estate mentor and coach to many. Anthony has helped grow Vault Ventures, LLC from a 2-man team to now a team of 15, dedicated to acquiring off-market discounted investment properties nationwide, to directly wholesale these assets to cash buyers looking for their next solid investment opportunity. Anthony helped build Quick Cash Offer, LLC to bring those same skills of locating motivated sellers to other states and emerging markets where demand is high for investor inventory.

Anthony helped launch Holding Vault, LLC to begin their passive income journey to 5,000 doors which currently stands at over 1,400 doors including single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and self-storage.

Anthony Quezada

Anthony specializes in negotiating and acquiring all facets of real estate but has a real passion for sales. Today we have the opportunity to dig into his head and learn what he has done to get this far.

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