Leads 2 Deals

Season 3 Episode 2:

Youbel Montesino

Real Estate Broker and Baking Passionate!

Youbel Montesino, a Real Estate Broker Associate with The Big Blue Team at EXP Realty, has navigated over 20 years in the industry with resilience and dedication. His journey began following his service in the US Marine Corps, swiftly moving up the ranks in real estate until the 2008 crisis tested his fortitude. Youbel experienced the harsh reality of losing it all, going from enjoying new Cadillacs to relying on a rebuilt Honda with a door that wouldn’t fully close, a humbling shift that underscored the volatility of success. This challenging period highlighted the importance of mentorship, continuous education, and building solid relationships for Youbel. Now leading a team of dynamic agents across Florida, he excels in optimizing investor returns and crafting robust portfolios. His ethos is rooted in passion for real estate and a commitment to building dreams, both his and his clients’. Celebrating two decades of growth and success, Youbel’s story from adversity to achievement illustrates his dedication to excellence within the Florida real estate landscape.

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