Leads 2 Deals

Season 2 Episode 5:

Ricardo Rosales

Done over 1000 properties as a fix and flipper and wholesaler!

Ricardo Rosales is a successful Real Estate investor since 2008, accumulating more than 100 properties for rent while working in the oil area. In 2015, he was laid off and decided to dedicate himself to Real Estate 100%, doing more than 50 Fix and Flips simultaneously. Today, he makes investments nationwide and is founder of: Top of the Line VA, Prospector Web, Content Boost Factory, Billion Dollar Streams and other companies. Done over 1000 properties as a fix and flipper and wholesaler. Serial Entrepreneur, Action Taker. He was born in the United States, but lived much of his time in Venezuela, his family’s place of origin, accumulating a wealth of experiences that helped him develop as a successful entrepreneur.

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