Leads 2 Deals

Season 2 Episode 8:

Joe Theriault

IPS Cash Ceo

Joe Theriault runs a wicked small real estate company with about 15 of his finest team members. They’re like the real estate Avengers, but instead of saving the world, they’re buying and selling houses in NH, Mass, Maine, and Vermont. Joe traded in his machine shop manual for a guide on how to be a sales leader with the finesse of a Bostonian navigating rush hour traffic. Now, he’s not just the guy with the blueprint; he’s the guy with the wicked sense of humor, steering his team towards success in the real estate game. Joe’s got this knack for buying and selling houses like they’re hotcakes, especially when it comes to inheritance properties and mobile homes, he’s the maestro of turning those properties into gold, and when Joe’s not sealing deals and making the real estate magic happen, you’ll catch him in a jiu jitsu match, probably throwing some wicked moves. And if he’s not grappling, he’s chilling in his sauna – probably making deals in there too. And of course, family time is sacred for Joe. After all, even real estate moguls need some quality time with the fam. So, next time you’re in the market for a house in New England, look no further than Joe’s crew.

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